Equalization Workshop with Andrea Zuccari – Athens

25. − 27. May 2018

Equalization Workshop with Andrea Zuccari in Athens

We are looking forward to offering you another opportunity for an Equalization Workshop with Andrea Zuccari in Athens – including water session

Did you always want to know more about equalization and never really understood whether you were getting it right? Is it your fitness or your equalization technique that limits you? If it’s equalization, then this workshop is the right one for you! Andrea Zuccari understands which organs and muscles are involved in equalization like no other. Valsalva and Frenzael are two techniques you should be familiar with. Do you understand how advanced Frenzel, Mouthfill and Handsfree really work? This workshop will show you the in’s and outs, helping you to reach the next step- a new depth. Come and join us!

This time we are working together with our great partner and friends from XT Diving & Tasos Chalaris

Please note, this workshop is mainly for Greeks and there is limited space for for foreigners


  1. The Organs involved in the Equalization
    • Glottis
    • Soft Palate
    • Eustachian tubes
    • Tongue
  2. AirShift Techniques
    • Reverse Packing
    • N – M Charges
  3. Valsalva
  4. Traditional Frenzel
    • Residual Volumes
    • How Equalize the Mask
    • How to shift the air
  5. Dry training with the Otovent
  6. Advanced Frenzel
    • The Advanced Frenzel potentiality
    • How to train the Advanced Frenzel in the water
  7. Sequential Frenzel
    • The Sequential Frenzel potentiality
    • How to train the S.F. in the water
  8. Handsfree
  9. Mouthfill
    • The Mouthfill Sequential potentiality
    • How to train the Mouthfill in the water
  10. Packing
  11. Bloodshift
  12. Water Pipe
  13. EQ-Tool

In Addition to the try training and theories we will plan to go 2 times to the sea to repeat and try the dry exercises


Take with you
pen & memo block for notes, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, fins, weights & weight belt (Friday no water session!)

Friday about 3 hours, Saturday and Sunday each about 8 hours

82, Marathonos Av., Gerakas 15344, Attica Greece

T + 30 (0)697 773 7374 / T + 41 (0)76 592 54 70