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When it comes to a single breath

We emphasise quality and sustainability and only offer products that we as freedivers are convinced of ourselves. If you do not find what you are looking for, just write us and we will try to help you.

Extra Services

Freediving Education

learn from and with the best

We offer you the best freediving education in Switzerland with Molchanovs W1, W2, W3, Freediving Courses by our experianced Instructors and athletes.

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Private Training

release your potential

Whether you want to work on specific topics or like to train alone. We are there for you! All topics from technique, equalization, yoga, mental coaching or greating a traing plan are covered

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Trips / Expeditions

Discover freediving around the globe

Join us on one of our epic and exclusive trips and expeditions around the globe and discover nature at its best. From crazy wildlife encounters to culture and friends. We love sharing it with you

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Freediving under the Ice

Join us on our next Ice diving adventure, learn more about your self and become super human!

Experience of a lifetime

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Von meinem ersten Freitauch Wettkampf lernen

AIDA Kaluna Freediving Mini Comp Reflexionen über meinen ersten Freitauch-Wettbewerb und den Umgang mit den Gedanken nach einer Roten Karte.

Eisbaden - Was ist dran am Wim Hof Hype?

Eisbaden - Was ist dran am Wim Hof Hype? 1.Was ist dran an der Wim Hof Methode? Man kennt das Bild aus den sozialen...

AIDA - Kaluna Freediving Mini STA Comp

Join us on March 28, 2024, for a laid-back event. Experience the calm of official competition in a relaxed setting a...

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